South Holland’s council writes off debts of nearly £280,000

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South Holland District Council is writing off uncollected debts totalling almost £280,000 for the financial year that ended in March.

Business rates amounting to £69,055.53 make up the single biggest heading, followed by accounts receivable (sundry debts) totalling £67,919.01.

The council was also owed £19,597.85 in former tenant arrears, £19,146.55 in housing benefit overpayments and £10,3814.54 in unpaid council tax.

So far this year, the council is ready to write off a further £39,875.88 with sundry debts (£15,877.19) and business rates (£12,327.79) making up the bulk of the bill, followed by former tenant arrears on £6,233.88 and housing benefit overpayments on £5,437.02.

A report to the council cabinet says the need to write off a debt “usually arises due to the debtor being untraceable, insolvent, ceased trading with no assets or deceased with no funds in the estate”.

It says all methods of recovery are pursued before writing off is considered and written-off debts can be reinstated.