Soundtrack to much of my younger years

Roxette ANL-151103-092812001
Roxette ANL-151103-092812001
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Music has always been a big deal to me, especially during my 1980s teens and 1990s twenties, when I was 
fiercely protective of “my music”.

They’ve sold 80million records and had four US number ones

Groups such as The Smiths, The Clash, The Pogues and Nirvana were more tan just musicians. I adored these people.

But it’s not really the songs you listen to in your bedroom that define an era, it’s the songs in the pubs, on the television and blasting out of the radio that do that. Without me knowing,
Roxette have been the soundtrack to much of my life. I can clearly remember The Look being played at my 18th birthday party. Dressed For Success seemed to be played everywhere in the late 80s and I can remember taking a girlfriend to see the Pretty Woman movie then too, with its Soundtrack It Must Have Been Love – still a well-loved classic today.

Then there’s Listen To Your Heart, Joyride and Fading Like A Flower. This band were huge, they’ve sold 80million records and had four US number ones, and I didn’t realise until now quite how good they were.

I say were, they’re still going and this greatest hits, two disc CD has 30 smashing songs on if to celebrate 30 years at the top. Even if the hits have dried up now, the back catalogue is impressive and a must for any record collection.

Jeremy Ransome – 8/10