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Tydd Gote neighbours lead calls for traffic calming in village

Two neighbours from Tydd Gote are leading a campaign to tackle speeding in the village after their cars were hit a total of five times in just 18 months.

Sue Harron and Yvonne Spencer have joined forces to call for action on Station Road where a survey earlier this year found that nearly 60 per cent of vehicles ignored the 30mph speed limit.

The most recent incident on December 1 saw a vehicle leave Station Road and collide with Mrs Harron's parked car, which then careered into Miss Spencer's car, leaving all three badly damaged.

Sue and Bob Harron, Yvonne Spencer, and Linda and Chris Elliott outside their homes in Station Road, Tydd Gote. Photo by Chris Lowndes. (43531811)
Sue and Bob Harron, Yvonne Spencer, and Linda and Chris Elliott outside their homes in Station Road, Tydd Gote. Photo by Chris Lowndes. (43531811)

Mrs Harron, who moved to Tydd Gote from Spalding in May 2019 to be nearer her workplace in King's Lynn, said: "Two weeks ago, a car came down the road at a horrific speed, ploughed into the back of my car and shunted it a couple of metres up the road into Yvonne's car.

"That forced my hand to write to Tydd St Mary Parish Council because even though we knew there was no off road parking when we bought the house, we didn't envisage the problems we've had.

"In September 2019, my husband's car was damaged by speeding down the road, then a few months later my own car had its wing mirror smashed.

"The third time was in March this year when both mine and my husband's cars were extensively damaged and after that, Yvonne's car had to go into the garage after it was hit on November 4.

"Her car had only been out of the garage for a week before it was hit again by my car on December 1."

Miss Spencer, who has lived in Tydd Gote for about a year, said: "Station Road has a 30mph speed limit but cars are going at 50mph down here and so we all leave our house lights on at night to help.

"But what is needed are speed bumps in the road or something that will slow the cars down because someone could hit a child or an older person."

The women's concerns were raised during this month's parish council meeting when members agreed to put an interactive speed sign in Station Road.

A survey by the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP), which the parish council also agreed to write to about the problem, in January showed that 213 vehicles a day were breaking Station Road's speed limit by 10mph or more.

Coun Peter Coupland, whose Holbeach Rural county council division included Tydd Gote, said: "After several complaints from residents regarding speeding, and at the request of Tydd St Mary Parish Council, I have instigated a Traffic Regulation Order for a survey of traffic movements and speeds along Station Road, Tydd Gote, and Main Road, Tydd St Mary, by the LRSP, with a view to improving sight awareness for drivers and to help reduce speeding along these roads."

LRSP spokesman John Siddle said: "We recognise that there is a problem with excessive speed on Station Road, Tydd Gote, and so it is on our priority list of mobile enforcement sites.

"We will continue to enforce there regularly, however, road safety is everybody's responsibility and every driver has to consider not only if their speed is legal, but if it is appropriate for the conditions.

"Do not allow distractions to affect the way you drive.

"We already know that the Fatal4 are the main contributors to collisions - speed, drink/drug driving, mobile phones, and the non-use of seatbelts.

"Through education, engineering and enforcement we will reduce the occurrences of injury collisions and LRSP is committed to make the roads safer for all."

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