‘Someone must pay for my pothole pain’

Tony Rawling shows the pothole he fell down in.
Tony Rawling shows the pothole he fell down in.
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A man who had to have hospital treatment after falling in a pothole is considering taking legal action.

Tony Rawling said he was appalled when a Lincolnshire County Council highways inspector told him the pothole near his home in Lowgate, Moulton Loosegate, was not bad enough to need repairing.

But within minutes of a call to the county council from the Lincolnshire Free Press on Friday, a highways truck was spotted down the lane and Mr Rawling was told the pothole would be repaired after all.

Mr Rawling (65), of College Farm, said he was taking his dog for a walk down the lane on Monday when he walked through what he thought was a puddle.

He said: “A lot of heavy tractors use that lane and there are some major potholes but I didn’t realise I had walked into one because it was full of muddy water.

“I stumbled and fell and couldn’t get up until my wife came and helped me.

“When my leg started to swell she took me to the Johnson Community Hospital in Spalding and they sent me to Pilgrim Hospital in Boston.”

As well as suffering painful sleepless nights, severe bruising and stretched ligaments, Mr Rawling broke his glasses, scratched the glass face of his watch and damaged clothing.

He said: “I reported it to the county council on Tuesday but not just because of the damages.

“A lot of families and dog walkers use that lane. Kids on bikes like to have a bit of a burnout down there too, But you’d only have to hit one of those potholes and you’d be dead.”

County council senior highways officer, Sue Cooper, said: “We don’t inspect tracks like this, known as ‘green lanes’, as a matter of course. It would be inappropriate to comment any further at the moment, as the matter may be subject to legal proceedings.”