Someone has to think about September!

Youngsters who will be joining Whaplode School in September on a visit there.
Youngsters who will be joining Whaplode School in September on a visit there.
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Most schools in Lincolnshire break up for the summer tomorrow, as parents well know.

Parents also know that, although their children want to forget about education for the next few weeks, someone has to think ahead to September and the new school term.

There are a number of things to consider, such as school uniform. Surprising as it seems, children in England have been wearing school uniforms on a large scale since the reign of King Henry VIII. The uniforms of the time were called ‘bluecoats’ as they consisted of long trench-coat style jackets dyed blue – the cheapest available dye.

The popularity of uniforms has increased ever since and now the majority of schools have one.

What has also changed over the years is the availability, and today it’s possible to purchase from both local department stores, such as Hills in Spalding, as well as most supermarkets, at a wide range of prices.

The uniform is only the beginning though, as there are shoes to be bought, as well as new stationery and equipment. Finally, at the end of the summer, your child will probably look a lot healthier after a number of weeks of hopefully sunshine and fresh air.

They might also look in desperate need of a good hair cut!

When taking them to the hairdressers for a tidy up, you might also consider suggesting they adopt a style that is going to be quick for you – or them, if they are older – to do in the morning.

Braids are a perennial favourite with girls, but a new twist might be to twist a section of hair around the band, secured with a hairpin.

Alternatively, how about a side braid to make it more stylish?

Once that’s sorted, they will be looking their best from head to toe and all ready for a brand new school term.