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There are many good reasons to leave the EU, says reader

Mr Meekings’ letter shows that he is in denial about the reasons people have voted to leave the EU three times in as many years.

He says we blame all our problems on the EU because of the media, but this claim does not stack up. The majority of media outlets are anti-Brexit from the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to the so-called, but not very, Independent.

Let me put it in terms that he may understand. If we take back control of our laws, borders and money we can restore democracy; control EU immigration; create more jobs; enjoy greater prosperity, and collect more taxes for our public services.

Brexit (15519579)
Brexit (15519579)

Democracy and ownership of our laws is my first priority, although the Brexit dividend (not sending £350million a week to Brussels) means we can afford to spend nearly double the figure on the side of the red bus on the NHS. An extra £600million a week from 2020, or the largest increase ever in NHS spending, thanks to Brexit.

Second, end mass uncontrolled EU immigration. I worked for the Benefits Agency for many years and when Labour opened the floodgates in 2004 I saw first-hand how our country became a magnet for EU migrants. It is a complete myth that EU migrants put in more than they take out. The sums paid out in tax credits and other benefits far outweigh what is collected in income tax, NIC and other taxes. Then most of what they earn is sent home.

Mr Meekings says he is concerned about climate change – therefore controlling EU immigration should be at the top of his list of priorities.

Brexit (15519661)
Brexit (15519661)

As Robin Maynard, from the charity Population Matters, said: “Birth rates and migration fluctuate from year to year but our already unsustainable population is continuing to rise and that will continue until a positive strategy is put in place to address it. This was the 36th consecutive year of population growth in the UK with migration being the major factor.

“More people means more emitters and more emissions. Our growing numbers are incompatible with our climate change commitments, the health of our environment and our quality of life.”

There are many good reasons for leaving the EU; I have just mentioned a few.

Angela Skeels

via email

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