Sneak online preview of film shot in Holbeach

Steph Genovese has written and stars in Dishonoured ANL-150622-113406001
Steph Genovese has written and stars in Dishonoured ANL-150622-113406001
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The makers of a movie being shot in and around Holbeach have finally given fans a sneak preview of all their hard work by releasing a short online trailer.

Actor Steph Genovese who has written and stars in the action/thriller Dishonoured is now keen to hear some feedback on the one-minute clip, which went live on Friday night.

“Things are really buzzing at the moment, but it’s going to be the best part of eight months before the film is ready, so the idea is to try and keep people interested in the project,” said Steph, of Holbeach, who decided to write his own movie to give himself a break and help others get involved in the film industry locally.

“We want to give people a teaser of what they can expect, and not just from an acting point of view, but also the professional production and visual quality.

“None of the action in this trailer will actually be in the film, it’s just to tease and introduce some of the characters, although we are planning on releasing a second one later in the year.

“Hopefully it will make people say ‘wow’ and leave them with plenty more questions - and keen to see the finished film! I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks.”

As well as showcasing the trailer, the Dishonoured team have also unveiled a new website where fans can keep up to date with the film’s progress, find out more about the storyline, the characters and the actors playing them.

Steph, who is also working on the new movie The Huntsman, an offshoot of 2012’s Snow White and The Huntsman starring Chris Hemsworth, says the website also has a behind-the-scenes section including photos and updates from one of the assistant directors about where filming has been taking place.

Earlier this year more than 150 people attended auditions to win a part in the film which tells the story John Venonesser, a former UK secret services agent who was dishonourably discharged after disobeying a direct order from Downing Street.

He is left with nothing, and after becoming a recluse for several years is forced out of retirement when his only friend mistakenly gets sucked into the world of a viscous mob renowned for human trafficking.

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