Sloping off after all those tough exams!

The Passo Tonale
The Passo Tonale
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The High Life by students from Spalding High School

Amid a myriad of curricula and seemingly innumerable examinations, the High School excels in providing extracurricular relief for students; one such example is the annual ski trip.

Students across all year groups are offered the opportunity to explore the picturesque slopes of Passo Tonale, Italy during the February half term.

The week-long trip offers an array of activities that vary from hitting the slopes, with the choice of both snowboarding and skiing, to becoming a hot chocolate connoisseur, which is arguably the highlight of the week.

To cater for the varying abilities of skiers, there are set ability groups, ranging from novice skiers, who have only attended dry ski slope lessons at Tallington, courtesy of the school, to highly experienced groups who explore the chills and thrills of the black runs and the daunting glacier route.

Yet this divide is limited to the four hours of skiing as arranged social functions enhance the unity of the group, increasing the morale of skiers who have been awarded the infamous ‘Ski Wally’ title and celebrating the success of the coveted ‘Ski Wizz’ award.

These functions include a competitive group quiz, a rather raucous karaoke night and a cultural feast at the local pizzeria.

The community spirit advocated through these events accentuates diversity of the characters within the convoy of budding skiers, forming close friendships and shaping unforgettable memories.

The ski trip personifies the school’s aims in providing enjoyable extracurricular activity that rewards students for their apparently unrelenting studies.

However, the trip would be unsuccessful without the work of Mrs Lara Ray, director of sport, who consistently impresses with her organisational skills and always provides students with a unique and memorable experience.

And who knows? This year we might discover a future Winter Olympian.

Fundraising for expeditions

Fundraising events for Spalding High Overseas Challenge are well under way; with expeditions to both China and Borneo in August, students aim to raise a large sum to cover the cost of their month long voyage.

With Christmas Fayres, can crushing and pancake day cooking, the group are looking for their next fundraiser.

On February 28, the China expedition team will be holding a quiz night and Chinese meal at the school at 7pm.

Tickets are £6 and are available from the school.

All proceeds will go towards the volunteer work of the students.