SIGNAL BOXES: More of our heritage to be demolished

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Another piece of our heritage is to be demolished before the end of October. Please object to South Holland District Council if you want to save the Winsover signal box for our community.

Mill Green was demolished before many of us realised what was happening. If the last box goes there will be few reminders of when Spalding was a busy railway junction.

Network Rail should be encouraged to paint this brick and timber piece of our heritage, not knock it down and “skip” the contents.

There is a brass plaque on the wall near the pavement that commemorates a signalman who was in post for 51 years. No doubt that means little to the corporate people spending millions “improving our railway”. What improvement? Heavy freight trains passing on the new track but no new more frequent, less expensive, clean passenger services.

Children could be shown the box if preserved to demonstrate how Victorian and Edwardian technology led the world. Please don’t let the last box disappear as all we will see is the human-less container of electronics in its place, no doubt to gather more litter.

S Thompson