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Sign up to sort out speeding in South Holland's villages

Concerned villagers are being urged to pick up a speed gun to help get on top of traffic issues in South Holland.

As lockdown measures ease, increasing numbers of people are saying that speeding traffic is becoming a problem.

Jan Whitbourn is now urging people who are worried about the issue to join her band of almost 100 volunteers in the Community Speed Watch team.

Community Speed Watch in Deeping St Nicholas.
Community Speed Watch in Deeping St Nicholas.

She said: “Because we are getting back to normality, people are noticing it. We need it more and more now.

“The reason I got involved was because I was walking the villages and couldn’t believe how bad the traffic was – I was shocked.”

Jan is looking into ways to train new volunteers over Zoom so that people can begin as quickly as possible.

People can go out in groups of three to measure speeds of passing vehicles – and the scheme is particularly strong in Pinchbeck and Weston.

In recent weeks, we’ve reported concerns from residents in Gosberton and Quadring while villagers in Gedney Hill and Sutton Bridge are also said to be keen to monitor the issue.

Jan said: “People are getting excited, they want to do it, which is great. As I keep saying, if no-one does it, nothing will get done.”

Anyone caught speeding by volunteers receives a letter on their first offence to urge them to drive slower. If caught a second time, they also receive a visit from a police officer.

Jan added: “Who wants a police car on their drive? None of us does – and hopefully that will deter people.”

She added: “Mostly people who get caught are mainly locals who live in the village where they are caught – it’s a well known fact unfortunately.

“We have all done it – got complacent when we are sitting in the car – and cars are faster today, they are not like they used to be when you thought you were going fast at 40mph.”

Jan praised the police for supporting the volunteers – including during an incident last year in which a man was taken to court for threatening members of Community Speed Watch.

She said: “He thought he was trying to be clever and thought he would swerve towards us to frighten us. The man had a visit from the police within half an hour. The police are great - they are on our side.

“People are very quick to be nasty about the police but I always say the police are on our side, they are there to back you up’.

“They can’t be in every village all the time.”

Jan is also helping to distribute bumper stickers on behalf of Lincolnshire Police’s #SlowDownInLincolnshire campaign.

To sign up for Community Speed Watch – or get hold of a car window sticker – contact Jan via email on jan@tulip-events.co.uk or call 07779895388.

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