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OVER 1,000people have now signed up to our We’ve Had Enough campaign to drive booze and drug-fuelled behaviour out of Spalding town centre.

Continued public support for the campaign comes at the same time as a ringing endorsement from John Hayes, MP for South Holland and the Deepings.

Mr Hayes, whose five-point plan is at the heart of the campaign, said it gave residents “a sense of ownership” of the strategy to crack down on the drunken and rowdy behaviour damaging the quality of life in Spalding.

The MP was speaking after a meeting with South Holland district councillors, police, magistrates and traders in Spalding last week to review progress made in responding to residents’ concerns about anti-social behaviour in the town.

Mr Hayes said: “I thought it was a very useful opportunity to bring people together to talk through some of the challenges, look at what we were doing and focus on some of the things I could bring to the table.

“South Holland District Council has been working closely with the police for some time on tackling anti-social behaviour in Spalding and it’s important to get that out into the public domain.

“There was also a very strong sense at the meeting that we needed to ensure the public was engaged in the strategy to improve the quality of life in Spalding and make people feel a sense of ownership of it.

“The great thing about the (We’ve Had Enough) campaign is the engagement of the public in this which is really important.”

Mr Hayes pledged to support councillors and police in a joint call for investment to put more police on Spalding’s streets and to work with South Holland licensing authority in ensuring alcohol licenses are granted in line with community need.

“We’ve agreed to meet again in three months time, partly to create some energy and for some of these things to bed down,” Mr Hayes said.

“There’s a whole list of things we can continue to do together and we’re absolutely united in moving forward with a shared agenda about the quality of life in Spalding.”

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