Sick town ‘drinkers’ leave a disgusting trail of evidence

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A Spalding shop owner turned up at her business to find someone had been violently over her door.

Before Denise Wales was able to sell Thursday’s edition of the Spalding Guardian from Bargain Books Plus in Station Street, she had to clear up the mess that had splattered across her entrance.

Classic Books, Denise Wales outside shop'Photo:  SG060613-TW

Classic Books, Denise Wales outside shop'Photo: SG060613-TW

Denise said: “I contacted the council, but they said they couldn’t help because it was on my property and not on the public path.

“It isn’t the first time this has happened, but I have to say it’s not as bad as it used to be.

“I blame the drinkers – but you don’t see so many in town now.”

Local licensee Pete Williams said the reason was street drinkers had been driven elsewhere.

Pete, who owns the Punchbowl and Hole in the Wall pubs, said there was evidence down Chapel Lane where he lives that same morning.

He said: “My wife discovered it. She was coming back to the house and noticed this horrible smell. She looked down and saw this human poo with newspapers that had been used to wipe afterwards – quite a disgusting mess.

“We reported it to the council and they said they would come and clear it. Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened.

“Drinkers move around. It’s like a floating crap game from Guys and Dolls.

“Police find out where they are and move them on again.

“Street drinking is no longer a problem outside Boots – now it’s our problem.”

Ins Jim Tyner said complaints about street drinking had significantly decreased during the past year.

He said: “We continue to deal with this because the public tell us this is an issue that gives them concern.

“A year ago we were getting a significant number of calls from the public about street drinkers. Operation Trunk is still running and I have officers committed to street and river bank patrols every day.

“In May we only had seven calls from members of the public about street drinking.

“However, I have increased the number of officers attached to Operation Trunk for the summer months and over the same period last year we dealt with 50 drinkers.

“People are still drinking, although they tend to have moved out of public view. The fact that we are receiving significantly fewer calls from the public about street-drinking would suggest our action is having an effect and street drinkers are having less impact on people going about their normal business.

“If you see street drinkers, please call 101 to let us know.”