Sick attack on floral tribute to dead Pole

Dumped: The flowers from Patryk Wojtczak's roadside memorial floating in the River Welland. Photo TIM WILSON
Dumped: The flowers from Patryk Wojtczak's roadside memorial floating in the River Welland. Photo TIM WILSON
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A ROADSIDE floral tribute to a man killed in a collision in Spalding has been destroyed and dumped in the River Welland.

A cross, floral display and candles were placed by the side of London Road next to the spot where Polish motorcyclist Patryk Wojtczak died after falling from his bike and crashing into the back of a stationary van on September 12.

Last Thursday that tribute had been torn down – with the cross snapped and flowers left floating in the river.

Spalding police inspector Paul Timmins described the act as a “disgrace” and ward councillor Roger Perkins was shocked that anyone would want to destroy the moving tribute.

Coun Perkins said: “I don’t know where humanity is going – I get so depressed by it all.

“I looked at it and thought it was nice that we allow people to show their religions like that.

“People need to grieve and for somebody to come along and decide that shouldn’t be there, well I just cannot understand it. It’s like people who desecrate graves.

“You don’t expect that here – this is is not a metropolis, this is a nice country town.”

Coun Nick Worth, portfolio holder for Localism and Big Society, echoed Coun Perkins’ sentiments.

He said: “I think it is appalling that someone should treat a memorial as disrespectfully as that.

“It doesn’t matter who it’s for, we have to treat them with respect and certainly wouldn’t condone that sort of behaviour.

“I would hope that whoever has done this would have the decency to put something back there.”

Insp Timmins said he believed this was not a racist attack but was the work of “drunken idiots”.

He said: “Our sympathies go out to the family.

“Having been in policing for 15 years, I know there are sometimes some idiots who perhaps while going home drunk and coming across flowers think it’ll be a bit of fun to throw them in the river.

“Anyone who has got information about who might have done this should contact us and we will deal with the offenders.”

A mass was held in memory of Mr Wojtczak at St Norbert’s Catholic Church in St Thomas’ Road, Spalding last Tuesday, and was attended by around 300 people.

Mr Wojtczak worked in a factory and was father to a four-year-old daughter and three-month-old son.

Rev Cezary Kraczkowski, priest of the Peterborough Polish Mission who led the mass, said: “What I know from the family is that he was very well known by many people and was a very friendly man.”

Mr Wojtczak’s family live in Peterborough and Leicester.