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Donington councillor wants to know how many prosecutions were the result of CCTV

A councillor wants to know how many prosecutions have been made as a result of CCTV cameras.

Donington parish councillor Phil Lovell questioned the use of CCTV during discussions on whether to support a project to buy more cameras in the village.

Calls were also made for Donington to have a greater share of the section 106 money, paid by housing developers as a result of planning permission, due to the amount of building which is taking place in the area.

CCTV cameras could be fitted onto the band stand at Matthew Flinders Park in Donington
CCTV cameras could be fitted onto the band stand at Matthew Flinders Park in Donington

The council still has £10,000 worth of section 106 money left and received four applications from village groups to get a share of the money.

Among those was a request from IDEA (Improving the Donington Environment for All). Volunteers are hoping to add extra cameras to cover Matthew Flinders Park along with installing new cabling and asked for about £7,000 towards the costs.

During the debate, Coun Lovell said: “I have never been a big fan of CCTV. In all the years we have been using it, can anyone tell me how many prosecutions came from CCTV?

“This is no criticism of the park because that is fantastic but what have you got back for your money?

“There never seems to be any prosecutions.”

Calls were also made during the meeting for more money to be pumped into Donington as result of the building.

Coun Nicola Burdall said: “We should write to South Holland to say there has been a lot of development but nothing is being put in. We have got absolutely nothing with all the building going up.”

During the debate at the council’s first face-to-face meeting on Thursday, members agreed to donate £750 to fund safety vests for the new Angling Club from the Section 106 and £520 to buy equipment for the village’s litter pickers.

Members have agreed to defer a decision on the £7,000 application from IDEA and £5,000 bid from Flinders Founders, which will fund fencing around the skate park, until the next meeting.

Both groups have submitted funding applications to Triton Knoll Community Fund.

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