SHOPS: Window always looks so good

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When I come to a halt at the traffic lights in New Road going out of Spalding my eye seems to be attracted to the St Barnabas Hospice shop or more to the point, the wonderful high standard of the window layout as it’s always easy on the eye, well laid out and mostly with a theme to it.

The other week it was tastefully laid out with a military theme depicting the 100th anniversary of World War One and currently at the time of writing I think it’s baby items as driving one’s eyes are on the road but compared to some shops, charity and otherwise, who seem to rely on the ‘explosion in a tip’ idea for stacking items or their products in any fashion in their window that seems to suit.

I have been in and bought items there as I do believe in recycling and I find their pricing quite reasonable hence buying and nothing in there has cost me an arm and a leg plus part of the torso so far but it’s down to personal taste of course.

I would point out I patronise other similar shops depending on my wants although the real imitation plastic leather back scratcher is still eluding me.

So to whoever dresses the window, you are doing a grand job and it’s noticed and appreciated as it’s nice to see the handiwork of somebody with a creative eye.

John Ward

Moulton Seas End