Shopping at your desk is out of order

POLLY FOX: 'How do they expect businesses to survive  ...' SG261113-121TW
POLLY FOX: 'How do they expect businesses to survive ...' SG261113-121TW
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Employers are being urged to allow workers an hour’s guilt-free “Santa Time” at work to do Christmas shopping online.

The call comes from the boss of a discount vouchers company, Gareth Robinson, who says bosses should let workers know “that it’s OK to spend a modest amount of the working day on festive surfing so long as they get their work done and don’t abuse the trust”.

Most people we spoke to in Spalding say people are employed to work and not shop.

Polly Fox (67), from Frampton, said: “I have raised a family and gone to work and I have always found time to go and get my shopping. How do they expect businesses to survive by giving people time to do ridiculous things like that?”

Her friend, Jayne Young (65), from Spalding, said: “I don’t think you should go shopping in work time.”

Lisa Tuxford (35), from Spalding, was OK with employees doing a spot of “al desko” shopping if their bosses agreed, but said it should be kept to dinner breaks rather than the working day.

She said: “You are at work to do your job.”

Harry Reynolds (61), from Spalding, said: “Employers have got to earn a living, they pay your wages. As far as I am concerned, you have got to do your Christmas shopping when you can in your own time.”

Trainee hairdresser Sophie Greere, who works at Strands of Spalding, isn’t against employees shopping during the working day if their boss agrees and they are working long hours.

She said: “It depends what hours people work – I suppose it’s OK if they don’t get any other time.

“I do my shopping on a weekend.”

Laura Ward (29), from Donington, agreed.

She said: “It depends on the hours people work – if they work nine to five, they are not going to get that much time to shop.”