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Spalding area shops who promote 'shopability not stopability' should be recognised

Hello there!Callum Brazzo here, continuing to make Autistic Lincs.

It’s Autism Hour this week all over the place which means a few hours of the day will be ‘autism-friendly’, and it has the support of The Governess of The Chase fame Anne Hegerty.PS still have a dream of going on for my and my grandma’s sake!

But I’ve criticized the NAS (National Autistic Society) in the past but I’ll praise them here; it’s a good move (and I won’t go deeper into that and ruin people’s days…)

Callum Brazzo, Spalding.Photo by Tim Wilson.SG-130218-137TW (17311281)
Callum Brazzo, Spalding.Photo by Tim Wilson.SG-130218-137TW (17311281)

However, what is funny to me is that years ago, before I became a columnist for Lincolnshire Free Press, I was trying to push a campaign of my own around this and I’d like to bring it back into focus this weekend and moving forward.

#ShopabilitynotSTOPability was a hashtag (Twitter-speak) which I wanted to use as a leverage point to have conversations with the Spalding community about shop accessibility.

If you are not familiar with social media, the idea was to create a catchy phrase that would pull people in and use that as an opportunity to have conversations about accessibility in shops and in stores generally.

Lets recognise the shops in South Holland who support autistic customers and their families. Photo supplied by South Holland District Council.
Lets recognise the shops in South Holland who support autistic customers and their families. Photo supplied by South Holland District Council.

So why don’t we re-ignite this simple idea but go even bigger? I’m talking South Holland-wide!

I would love you, the readers and consumers of this column, to let me know which stores deserve to be recognised for their ‘shopability.’

Has a staff member treated you amazingly well when your child has had a meltdown?

Are there stores that have a brilliant autism-friendly or disability-friendly atmosphere?

What areas in South Holland deserve to be recognized for their helpful attitude/disability access?

Could South Holland do better and if so….how?

Let me know!

Also, please continue to support my 100 Day Community Kit – a toolkit of helpful tips and tools based around autistic people and their communities.

Currently, we’re on Section 4: Treating Stress

Add your tips and tools on stress factors for autistic people, treating that stress and shed light on what works for you as a family as well as many other sections still to by searching for the 100 day community tool kit on Facebook.

- In his last column Callum celebrated the first anniversary of Autistic Led

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