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Calthrops Solicitors in Spalding and Holbeach is looking forward to sponsoring our Education Awards in July 2022

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Shining a light on under-appreciated staff members provides inspiration for one of our Education Award sponsors.

Calthrops Solicitors, which has offices in both Spalding and Holbeach, will sponsor the Support Staff Member/Team of the Year award.

This provides schools with the opportunity to recognise the contributions that support staff individuals or teams make to the success and achievements of their overall learning environment.

Craig Delaney, Julia Cole, Christian Green, Kerry Sauntson, Alison Howe-Smith and Claire Sawyer of Calthrops Solicitors
Craig Delaney, Julia Cole, Christian Green, Kerry Sauntson, Alison Howe-Smith and Claire Sawyer of Calthrops Solicitors

Craig Delaney, a partner at Calthrops, says his admiration for all members of a team has grown throughout his time at the firm.

“They’re massively important. We can’t actually do what we do without the support of people around us, facilitating everything that needs to be done,” he said.

“That’s not just with legal support assistance, but we have accounts staff and also have archiving managers who make sure all our documents are kept safe.

Calthrops Solicitors partners Craig Delaney and Julia Cole
Calthrops Solicitors partners Craig Delaney and Julia Cole

“They make this matrix of support that you have to have in place. Without it, a place would just fall apart.”

Staff at Calthrops, which has been in the business for more than 150 years, place a huge emphasis on education. The firm currently employs three apprentices, aiming to train them to a high standard and build to the future.

They also offer work experience to a wide range of students, making good use of the increasing avenues through which youngsters can enter the law industry.

Mr Delaney says South Holland’s schools have a huge role to play in shaping that future - and that support staff continually prove their worth by helping students and teachers.

He said: “Whilst you have classroom teachers or heads of department in schools, they’re only going to be as good as the teachers that they manage.

“If they don’t manage staff well, the department then isn’t run well which impacts on the children and their education.

“I speak to many teachers, and very often they say to me that they couldn’t do their job without their assistants.

“In education, I think those support staff are incredibly important.”

Calthrops has been a sponsor at the Education Awards since they first started.

This year’s ceremony will take place at Springfields Events Centre in Spalding on Thursday, July 7.

Mr Delaney and the rest of his staff are looking forward to another exciting event, with Sutton Bridge Westmere Primary School’s Amanda Cooke crowned the winner last year.

“It’s just lovely to be in the room and be part of a process that acknowledges people who, very often, never get the opportunity to have a light shined for them,” he said.

“It’s so nice to see that and to see the kids and teachers, just to celebrate the impact these people are having on children’s lives. It’s really quite something to see and watch.”

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