Sheriff Brewis gunning again

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So another project in Sutton Bridge gives way for a shoot-out at the OK saloon (“Village’s £750,000 marina project is ‘not for profit’”, Lincolnshire Free Press, June 7).

Our local sheriff has come out with all guns a-shooting. Why, oh why, is Coun Brewis so gung-ho?

Yes, I feel the marina will tidy up a section of the village (or are we a town?) and that the artist’s impression shows an insight into the finished construction. I don’t, however, feel it will put us on the map.

Has the marina in Wisbech put that town on the map? No. I’m sure Asda put more into Wisbech than a marina.

Back to my original gripe, bickering. The people of Sutton Bridge would rather have a sheriff that looks after his townfolk (or are we a village?) than one who tries to find loopholes in every major or minor project that comes our way.

Let’s look at the traffic calming issue. What was so wrong with trying to control the stagecoaches that rumble through the area, some at break-neck speed? Nothing really.

Coun Brewis, please stop trying to use some ‘political’ measure to obtain press coverage.

In future please put your status into good use and look after the people of Sutton Bridge. That’s why they voted for you, I’m sure in the next term of your political career, people will be more impressed at your achievements than your moaning.

The good people of Sutton Bridge really don’t give a cent as to who makes a profit, who is in control of a project. If the area looks a hell of a lot cleaner, and it can help us being recognised as the gateway to Lincolnshire, leave it!

Ian Frost

Granville Terrace

Sutton Bridge