Sharing the load: 66 miles on tandem bike

On your bike: Terry and Liz with the tandem
On your bike: Terry and Liz with the tandem
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Two wheels are better than one and a Fosdyke couple are hoping the same theory applies to the manpower.

Terry and Liz Martin are planning to take on 100km on a tandem bicycle as part of the Butterfly Hospice’s Big Bike Ride challenge in May.

The grandparents of twelve are no amauters to stamina testing activites.

They’ve taken part in the London Marathon, the Great North Run and a mini triathlon.

When running became difficult they turned to wheels and started cycling.

Terry’s parents owned a tandem and the duo embraced the novelty, enjoying the chance to share the hard work and load.

Now they are looking forward to embracing 66 miles of Lincolnshire country side as they take part in the annual charity event.

Raising money for the hospice the cyclist will journey from Boston to Lincoln and along the water rail way.

Terry said: “We’re always up for a challenge and the Butterfly Hospice is a

very worthy local cause”.

Not everyone has signed up for the pulse raising 66 miles with other distances on offer of 9 miles or 33 miles.

Liz had first hand experience of a hospice in Essex before the couple moved here seven years ago.

She said she “knows just how vital this resource is.”

Amanda Holland, veteran event organiser, said she is thrilled to have the “big team players” on board.