Sewer repairs to cost half-a-million

Road works on Middlegate Road, Frampton.
Road works on Middlegate Road, Frampton.
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A sewer collapse in Frampton, which left residents having to go to toilet in buckets, is undergoing repairs – to the tune of half-a-million pounds.

The 55-year-old sewer in Middlegate Road, collapsed in December last year – and Anglian Water diverted the drainage system so household facilities could be used as normal.

The repairs were expected to be complete by the new year.

However, four months on, work is still ongoing – and expected to last a further nine weeks.

“Initially workmen thought the problem may have been caused by a blockage,” said Antony Innes, from Anglian Water. “But further investigations revealed a section of the old concrete sewer had collapsed.

“At one point, work had to stop as the ground collapsed in on the sewer, and the area had to be reinforced to ensure it was safe before further work could be carried out.”

Underground investigations revealed a 650-metre stretch of the sewer was in a severely deteriorated condition and in need of repair.

“We decided that while we were there, it would be best to repair the whole lot to reduce the chances of similar problems reoccurring in the future,” said Mr Innes.

Work has now begun on the extensive project, costing in the region of £500,000. Workmen are replacing some sections of the collapsed sewer with a more resilient clay and plastic pipe. The vast majority of pipe is being lined to make it more resilient.

In total, since the initial trouble was reported last year, it will have been six months of road closures and repairs for residents there. The road remains closed.

“It has taken some time to plan,” said Mr Innes, adding: “We appreciate the work will have taken several months in total, but we hope residents understand this upgrade is the best long-term solution for years to come.”