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'Fraz was never in our band,' say 70s pop stars St Cecilia

A singer and guitarist who played in Pinchbeck and said he was a member of ‘70s pop group St Cecilia, was never part of the band - it has been claimed.

Eamonn Carr, a founding member of St Cecilia, who had a huge hit with the record ‘Leap Up and Down (Wave Your Knickers in the Air)' in 1971, contacted us to say that Chris ‘Fraz’ Frazier had been “misleading many agents and the public for years as to his membership of the band”.

We reported in November how ‘Fraz’ was playing a concert at Pinchbeck Village Hall, which would include covers of songs from the Beatles to Bowie and Elvis Costello to T-Rex.

'Fraz' (6749754)
'Fraz' (6749754)

But Eamonn, who said he has run the band since forming it with Ricky Moss in 1967, wanted to put the record straight that ‘Fraz’ was never a member.

“There have always been people jumping on the bandwagon” he said.

“Chris ‘Fraz’ Frasier has continued to pertain that he is the voice of St Cecilia. I have no doubt that he is a good act on his own but he was never part of the band. He has been contacted by our solicitors.

“I have no idea why he wants to jump on the bandwagon.

“For Ricky Moss and myself, who set up the band, it leaves a very sour taste .”

St Cecilia today. Eamonn Carr (far right), Nigel Wood and Tony Barry. (6703073)
St Cecilia today. Eamonn Carr (far right), Nigel Wood and Tony Barry. (6703073)

Alan Hansard, promoter at Pinchbeck Village Hall, said he had also been contacted by the band saying that Fraz was not in St Cecilia.

“I was completely ignorant to the fact,” he said. “You can only go by what you have been told.

“He (Fraz), used to play at Pinchbeck Social Club 20-odd years ago and always put on a good show.”

When asked if he would book the singer again, Alan said: “I would think so. It should not make a difference. He is a good performer. He does not need to put that he was in St Cecilia. He is a man in his own right.”

St Cecilia’s line-up has changed through the years and today is made up of Eamonn (who has also played with Freddie and The Dreamers), Nigel Wood (formerly of the band Racey) and Tony Barry (formerly of the Applejacks). Leap Up and Down (Wave Your Knickers in the Air) will be released as a dance mix on March 1 via One Media PLC.

We have tried to contact Chris Frazier for a comment.

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