Series properly spruced up

No Caption ABCDE ANL-140625-100413001
No Caption ABCDE ANL-140625-100413001
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EA had been hankering for the UFC franchise to add to their sporting portfolio – watching on in admiration at the success the now-defunct THQ had with its Undisputed series.

But for Ultimate Fighting Championship fans, your gaming experience is going to have to slightly regress before getting better, so EA can put their stamp on this popular sport after acquiring the rights with their inaugural outing.

The good news is the series has been properly spruced up by the trademark EA touches such as sensational graphics – worthy of next-gen consoles – with superb production values that really give the game a UFC pay-per-view feel.

Sadly the atmosphere of the fights (and lacklustre career mode) is generally lost in transition – which can be overlooked to a certain extent depending on how much you love the sport – with somewhat robotic control mechanics that don’t quite match the pumping adrenaline that flows through UFC’s veins.

But for a first effort this still has a tremendous grounding for future entries – as you star as Michael Bisping, Chuck Liddell, Georges St-Pierre and co – but is more a TKO than a KO.

Rating: 3/5