Serial shoplifter in town handed 26-week jail term by magistrates

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A man has been jailed for 26 weeks after admitting to five counts of burglary and shoplifting in Spalding during a four-month period.

Matthew Dye (32), of West Parade, Spalding, was sentenced by Lincoln magistrates for offences that included two break-ins at Classic News in Sheep Market, both on October 25, 2017.

Dye stole cigarettes, tobacco, scratch cards, a cash register and petty cash during the raid which shop owners Asgar Vanparekh and Abbas Laxmidhar estimated to be worth a total of at least £3,300.

The sentence included two weeks for both break-ins, as well as burglaries at Superdrug in Hall Place, on January 14 this year, and Morrisons in Pinchbeck two days earlier.

Appearing before magistrates on February 10, Dye pleaded guilty to stealing 12 bottles of alcohol from Morrisons, worth a total of £166, cosmetics from Superdrug worth £180 and another theft at Morrisons on January 13 when he stole five bottles of gin worth £256.

Magistrates also activated a 24-week suspended sentence given to Dye on January 9 for stealing power tools and a cash register from B & Q, in Spalding, last November, and a break-in at Abbey Print, Pinchbeck, on January 9 when he stole a mobile phone and pen.

Inspector Gareth Boxall, South Holland neighbourhood policing inspector, said: “Matthew Dye has been punished for consistently targeting people in our area and, therefore, he has been given a sentence which means that he has lost his right to be part of the community.

“I want to thank the businesses that are working to keep us informed of suspicious activity and we are determined to put before the courts anyone who decides to target honest businesses in South Holland that bring much good to the community.”