Send them a bill for migrants

Gary Porter: Action needed from Government lawyers.
Gary Porter: Action needed from Government lawyers.
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Foreign Governments should pick up the bill when their citizens bleed Britain’s resources according to council leader Gary Porter.

The South Holland District Council leader is not opposed to migrants coming to Britain to make better lives for themselves.

But he is against Britain picking up the tab when migrants turn up and simply drain the country’s resources.

Coun Porter first aired his views on Twitter saying: “Govment lawyers need to work up a way to make all foreign (inc EU) countries take out bonds to stop their citizens consuming our resources.”

The councillor told the Spalding Guardian that he feels the problem of Britain picking up the tab for foreign nationals will worsen when Romanian and Bulgarian citizens start pouring into the UK.

He said: “Even if our Government can’t stop people coming in, which they can’t, they do need to find a way of making sure that the Government that lets them come out is responsible for any demand that they place on our social system.

“I am not opposed to people who want to come here and make a better life for themselves and get on with that, but what I am opposed to is people who come here and then just end up bleeding resources out of the system.

“You would have to be a strange person to say somebody cannot try to make a better life for themselves.”