Seeing great work done at SENSE stables at West Pinchbeck

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Volunteers spent the day raking up leaves from the parade ground and mixing the horse and donkey feed.

Tawhid Juneja, managing director of a medical recruitment company, spent a day volunteering at the SENSE stables with his wife and two young children. They were joined by the families of his financial director Chris Baker and one of the company’s recruitment consultants, Dean Wylie.

Tawhid said: “This year we are fully supporting SENSE, a fantastic charity that helps deaf, blind and sensory deprived children and adults. We’ve already raised over £500 for the stables’ two rescue donkeys and we were keen to take our children to meet them at their lovely new home.

“They do absolutely incredible work at SENSE and their stables and we are so happy to give them our full support throughout the year.”

The volunteers had a fantastic time, raking up leaves from the parade ground, helping to mix the horse and donkey feed, and the children were able to cuddle guinea pigs, stroke a big fluffy rabbit and watch a massive tortoise race around.

The SENSE stables have been in existence since 2007 and offer therapeutic horse riding, carriage driving and Equine Facilitated Learning experiences for adults and children with a range of complex needs which preclude them from being able to ride at a regular riding school or RDA group.

Its ethos is about enabling their service users to get involved in a range of activities in a natural setting, from caring for the small animals through to horse riding and carriage driving.

They have a wheelchair adapted carriage which enables people with poor mobility to enjoy driving.

Manager of SENSE stables Alison Garner said one of the younger deaf-blind students who enjoys the pony club run in the spring and summer is Lucy, who has very poor mobility and a range of complex needs which severely limits the activities she can be involved in on a daily basis.

Staff placed a soft pad on the back of one of their most trustworthy horses and laid Lucy on it, until she was eventually able to sit up on the horse, a major breakthrough.

• There are Family Fun Days during the Easter and summer school holidays – ring 01775 640624 for details.