Second earthquake felt in the Deepings

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UPDATE, FRIDAY: A second earthquake was felt in the Deepings this morning (Friday).

The tremor measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale happened at 7.50am, according to the British Geological Survey.

Police and the fire service have confirmed there have been no reports of damage or casualties.

However, scores of people from as far afield as the Deepings and Bourne again took to Twitter to report feeling the second quake, which happened just over 24 hours after yesterday’s tremor.

Many are saying today’s quake was bigger than yesterday’s.

Here’s what you had to say:

Ellen, @ELLEmEntaL1, said: “Felt like this mornings quake was stronger... freaky!”

Fiona Arnold, @Fionumber1, said: “Much worse in my house than yesterday, house shook quite a bit this time.”

Sarah Proud, @Sarahproudie, said: “Sure I just felt a tremor in Bourne!”

Harry Bower, @BazzaHower, said: “Felt it in Bourne, woke me up.”

Emily Smith, @Warmcat2, said: “Was that an aftershock? Anyone else reported one? About 7.45am. House rattled. #earthquake.”

John Kennedy, @jk121956, said: “Second earthquake in two days, this one really shook our place.”

After yesterday’s earthquake, Mandy Warren told the Spalding Guardian: “I felt the earthquake in Holbeach St John’s while I was in bed this morning. It reminded me of the earthquake we had a few years back and I thought, no it cannot be. However, later in the day I heard the news.”

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