Second driver clamped at Holbeach Chequers Hotel

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A MUM had to go on a six mile walk to fetch her purse to pay the £50 release after her car was clamped at The Chequers Hotel in Holbeach.

Linda Smith (44), of Batemans Close, Gedney, decided to speak out following our story about Holbeach pensioner Rose Ayling (68) who had to stump up £50 at the end of November when her car was illegally clamped at the hotel.

Mrs Smith’s son moved to a flat behind the hotel and she was clamped when she parked there for a few minutes to drop off his letters.

She says a man in the car park told her she could not have her car released until she paid up.

Mrs Smith said: “I didn’t have my purse with me and I had to walk all the way home and back. It’s about six miles in all and it took 50 minutes either way.”

Mrs Ayling took up her complaint with the Security Industry Authority – the licensing authority for wheel clampers – and Mrs Smith is now going to do the same.

Mrs Smith was given a hand-written receipt on a home-made wheel clamping notice which does not have a Security Industry Authority licence number stamped on the front.

The notice says: “If you try to remove this clamp or damage it in any way you will be prosecuted.”

It also says the fee for removal “outside working hours” is £75.

l Mrs Ayling was clamped while intending to go into the hotel to pick up Christmas menus for a possible Age UK lunch there, but nipped to QD Stores first for some shopping. Landlord Mark Andrews declined to comment when we contacted him about Mrs Ayling’s case.