Searching for area’s greenest builder

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THE search is on for the greenest builder in the area.

Homeowners are being encouraged to nominate in this year’s Master Builder of the Year Awards.

Organised by the Federation of Master Builders, there is a £3,000 prize for the homeowner and a new Nissan van for the winning builder. The greenest builder award is part of the search for the best builder in Britain.

Open to all builders, large or small, the awards reward builders for great projects across 11 parts of the UK, with £250 cash prizes for every regional winner and nominating customer.

The East Midlands winners will go through to national judging to compete to be the overall winner.

A new report has revealed that despite the recession one in three green-thinking homeowners would install energy efficient features to save the planet.

Over a third of Lincolnshire homeowners said despite the financial constraints imposed by the recession, they would install solar panels, wind turbines or other energy efficient equipment because they care about the environment.

One in five would go green to modernise their home or make it look more up to date, but inevitably 81 per cent would install energy-efficient measures to add value to their home and counter rising home energy costs.

If you have used a great builder, nominate them for the Master Builder of the Year Awards 2012 at