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Weston Hills villagers call for answers after home and village hall are flooded

There are calls for something to be done after areas of Weston Hills and Weston were subjected to more flooding.

Resident Tony Andrew and South Holland District Councillor Anthony Casson are calling on Anglian Water to upgrade its system after three separate incidences of flooding in the space of six weeks in Weston Hills.

The calls come after flooding on Broadgate in the village caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to the village hall after the car park was left under water.

Flooding on Broadgate in Weston Hills (44251115)
Flooding on Broadgate in Weston Hills (44251115)

Coun Casson, who is also chair of the Weston Hills Village Hall Committee, said: “If we weren’t in lockdown we would have to close the hall as it’s terrible.

“The floor is wooden and it’s become so saturated over the years that all of the boards are lifting and curling, plus the skirting boards are coming off the walls - we weren’t aware of the damage being caused underneath the flooring until the flooding at Christmas which was horrendous.

“The estimate for the repairs and decorating is between £18,000 and £20,000 which is such a lot of money for a small hall.

Some of the damage at Weston Hills Village Hall (44261883)
Some of the damage at Weston Hills Village Hall (44261883)

“The village is on mains sewerage and this has been a problem for years. Small Drove in Weston has had the same problems and something has got to be done.

“Anglian Water needs to upgrade the system as it can’t cope with what it’s got, never mind all of the new houses which are going to be built.”

Resident Tony Andrews lives on Broadgate in Weston Hills and is becoming increasingly frustrated as his drive and garden have flooded three times since Christmas Eve.

MP Sir John Hayes highlights issue at Weston Hills Village Hall (44261885)
MP Sir John Hayes highlights issue at Weston Hills Village Hall (44261885)

He said: “The system is not up to scratch and it can’t handle what’s coming in. This has been going on for around ten years but it was only once a year previously but now it’s been three times since Christmas - and it’s just my property and the village hall. I want to know why me?

“We went on holiday last year for a week and came back to half of the lawn covered in a black sludge.

“However Anglian Water can never get to the bottom of the problem. They have got to upgrade their system.”

MP for South Holland and the Deepings Sir John Hayes will be requesting a meeting with Anglian Water to discuss the issue.

Anglian Water says persistent rainfall is to blame for flooding seen in Weston Hills.

A spokesman said: “It’s a very unique situation and one our teams are trying incredibly hard to resolve where they can but it’s a case of unprecedented rainfall, rather than a specific problem with the sewer systems.

“Last month, our region saw over 140 per cent of the average rainfall we would usually expect. This followed three particularly wet months at the end of 2020.Sewers are simply not designed to carry this volume of water.

“I know the team in the area are planning to carry out some investigations on the local network and pumping station, but this is only possible once the water has subsided enough for them to complete their surveys.”

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