Scrap vehicle fire in Moulton Chapel

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Fire and Rescue news.
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UPDATE TUESDAY 9.45AM: A fire which led to a part of Moulton Chapel being closed off by police was caused when carpet tiles were left to burn unattended, it has been confirmed today.

Firefighters from Crowland were called to Moulton Chapel Road were a pile of waste carpet tiles were alight.

The fire then spread to three scrap vehicles and firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used water reels and a jet to put the fire out.

It happened at about 3.10pm and a Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue spokesman confirmed that no one was injured.

MONDAY 4.15PM: Police had to close off part of Moulton Chapel due to a fire thought to involve a number of scrap vehicles.

A section of Moulton Chapel Road, between Broadgate and the A16 near Cowbit, was closed because of a large fire which was reported just after 3pm today.

Firefighters attended the scene and the road has now been re-opened.