School boy (7) ‘millimetres from being flattened by car’

Izak Buckley (right) with mum, Sally, and sister Ruby.
Izak Buckley (right) with mum, Sally, and sister Ruby.
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A Pinchbeck mum has spoken of the agonising moment she watched her seven-year-old son come within “millimetres of being flattened” by a car driving at speed through a red light.

Izak Buckley was using the pelican crossing in Church Street on his way to school, walking just ahead of his mum, Sally, and three-year-old sister Ruby in a pushchair.

Sally said: “I heard the sound of brakes and saw this red car screeching towards him.

“From the look on the driver’s face I could tell she thought she was going to hit him.

“But he jumped out of the way just in time. I rushed over and we were both shaking and crying.

“Then I looked up and the driver was gone – she didn’t even stop to see how we were.

”She’d been travelling at such a speed you could see the skid marks right through the crossing.

“If Izak hadn’t jumped out of the way she would have flattened him.

“I was so relieved he remembered everything he had been told about crossing the road safely.

“He’s in such a dream most of the time you can’t help but worry, but I was so proud of the way he reacted.”

This is not the first time there has been a near miss involving pupils of Pinchbeck East Primary School.

Teeny Vayro, head of school, said last year adults helping pupils to cross the road to go to church had to jump out of the way when a speeding car failed to see other vehicles had stopped and overtook them to prevent a crash.

She said: “When something like this happens it brings it all back.

“The mum was very shaken by the incident on the pelican crossing. The crossing light was on green and it should have been safe to cross.

“Safety of our children is paramount. We teach road safety, reinstated the lollypop lady and have junior PCSOs.

“It’s down to the public to support us in that because the danger comes on the journey to and from school.”

Police have been informed about the incident, but unfortunately no-one was able to get the registration number of the red car. At the time it was heading in the direction of Surfleet.

Anyone who can help is asked to call 101, quoting incident 134 of October 7.