Scenes from Spalding area in Past Lives film

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The team behind the Past Lives project has worked in six regions in the Midlands and the vast bulk of the material gathered has been home movies from the 1950s to the 1970s showing families at play or celebrating big occasions.

So footage of what almost looks like a wind surf being used as a sledge across ice at Cowbit came as a huge surprise.

Then there was the chimney sweep crossing the ‘drawbridge’ over the Welland in Spalding at its official opening, or the fishing technique artist Chris Ellis believes would no longer be seen.

The films were made by Alderman Gooch and handed down to his descendants.

There is lots of family footage and scenes relating to the family tannery business, but the film also captures bathing in Spalding and Surfleet Seas End, a working blackmith and working on the land.

The footage was shot on 16mm film, which Chris says became the professional news reel footage format and was also used in the making of the film Kes.

He says the film itself was expensive and a “serious camera” would have been needed to produce the 16mm home movies.