Rubbish dumpers face council fines

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COUNCIL bosses have vowed to take action to clear a Spalding grot spot – and warned that they could fine the people responsible for piling up their black bags near the river bank.

A path that runs between Albion Street and the river bank has become a magnet for people dumping their black bag waste several days before the collection date every Thursday.

South Holland District Council said that it has written to nearby residents before and will do so again to warn them not to put their black bags out before the day of collection.

If the blight continues it could ask residents who the rubbish belongs to or could even go through the bags to find evidence of who dumped it there.

A concerned resident said last week’s pile of rubbish contained many items not in black bags – including clothing and fast food wrappers – and said that the site is attracting rats from the river.

The path way in question is used as a collection point for refuse, but bags and waste are said to build up almost as soon as they are collected.

Coun Howard Johnson, portfolio holder for economic development and waste, said: “We take this issue very seriously. The area in question is used by local residents as a place to present refuse and recycling sacks for collection.

“In the past we have contacted residents to ask that they do not present their rubbish sacks too early and as this issue has arisen again we will do this again to remind them of their collection days and the correct presentation procedures.

“On a previous occasion we took action to enable us to identify those responsible and contacted them directly pointing out that the ultimate sanction for this is for us to issue a fixed penalty notice. If the situation continues we will seek evidence to enable further appropriate action to be taken.”

A resident, who asked not to be named, said: “There are rates down there – it’s a big environmental problem.

“Some people are just dumping their rubbish and not even putting it in bags – I saw bedding, shoes, food cartons, even some underwear.”