RUBBISH COLLECTION We couldn’t do better with collections

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I would like to reply to Terry King’s letter in last week’s Guardian. He refers to Peterborough where he moved from, bemoaning his loss of several wheelie bins used to collect refuse , as opposed to the green and black bags used in South Holland.

My view of towns and cities who use wheelie bins is one of constant ugliness in residential streets caused by bins being strewn all over the place, particularly after collection, and the narrow city streets where they often have to remain on pavements because there is nowhere to store them. Added to this is the extra cost of collection – just observe the speed at which South Holland’s refuse collectors move down the streets, compared to those manoeuvring wheelie bins.

As a member of UKIP, I frequently oppose matters decided upon by our district councillors, but on this occasion I know we couldn’t do better.

Peter Bird