RSPCA swoop on the ‘tenant from hell’

RSPCA officers swooped on this house in Gedney Hill.
RSPCA officers swooped on this house in Gedney Hill.
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RSPCA officers swooped on a home in Gedney Hill following a complaint by neighbours that dogs were running out of control.

Sheryl Roweth told the Free Press last month how her family have been terrorised since the Gosberton Risegate “tenants from hell” moved next door with two Rottweilers, four Dogue de Bordeaux dogs and a rough collie.

The RSPCA officers, accompanied by the police, visited the home of Louisa Roylance in Lincoln Avenue on Wednesday afternoon.

Neighbour Ms Roweth said they were just leaving as she arrived home from work. She said: “I don’t think they took any of the animals away.

“They all still seem to be there but the kittens that were shut in the shed are now roaming the garden.”

On Friday she was taking her log of incidents when dogs had strayed onto her property to South Holland District Council. She said: “The dogs are chained up now, but nothing has really changed.

“The day after the article about her in the Free Press we had stones thrown at our window.

“Dogs are still coming on to our property. We daren’t let our children play in their own garden and we still can’t let our dogs out on their own.

“In addition we have to put up with noise until 3am in the morning, which is not acceptable when you have to be up at 6am to take your children to school.”

Free Press readers were horrified by the story of how Louisa Roylance was evicted after living a life of grime in Gosberton Risegate with five children and 14 mastiffs – running up £7,000 rent arrears.

Owners Midge Clayton and Richard Douville discovered a scene of devastation with the air filled with the sickening stench of dog faeces, urine and rotting food.

Rooms had been ripped apart, turned into kennels and one was even used as a snake pit.

When Mrs Roylance moved next door to Ms Roweth, she said there had been no problems at first, but then the dogs broke through her fence.

Since then the family’s pet rabbit has been killed by one of the dogs and outdoor play equipment such as a swimming pool and a trampoline have been damaged.

The Free Press caught up with Mrs Roylance in Gedney Hill, but she said she could not comment about the complaints about her dogs or why she left the house in Gosberton Risegate in such a state “until she had spoken to her social worker”.

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: “An RSPCA officer did visit a property in Lincoln Avenue. We are working with the owners to help them give proper care to their animals.”