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Adoptober: Staffies still most neglected dog but RSPCA are rescuing more designer breeds than ever before

The RSPCA rehomed 71 dogs in Lincolnshire last year and, while Staffies are still the most rescued breed, designer dogs are appearing more and more in the charity’s rehoming centres across the country.

As part of the Society's special rehoming drive Adoptober, new national figures have been released showing that while pure-breed and crossbreed Staffies, lurchers, Jack Russell terriers and German Shepherds are still the most common dog to come into its care, more trendy ‘handbag’ breeds and fashionable crossbreeds are also ending up in the charity’s 17 national animal centres.

The number of Chihuahuas coming into the RSPCA’s care has gone up by 700 per cent in the last seven years (14 in 2012 to 112 in 2018), while the number of French bulldogs is up 236 per cent, Dachshunds are up 600 per cent and Pomeranians are up 440 per cent.

Adoptober (18481864)
Adoptober (18481864)

The charity is also seeing more crossbreeds and breeds used for popular crosses - such as cocker spaniels and poodles - arriving in its centres as inspectors shut down puppy farms and collect abandoned dogs and puppies.

Last year, the RSPCA rescued 150 dogs from abuse and neglect in Lincolnshire and received 11,546 calls to its 24-hour cruelty hotline about animals in the county.

RSPCA dog welfare expert Lisa Hens said: “Although Staffies, lurchers, Jack Russell terriers and German Shepherds are still the most common dogs coming into our centres, we are seeing a general decrease in their numbers while seeing an increase in the number of fashionable crossbreeds and so-called designer dogs like Dachshunds and French Bulldogs arriving in our care.

Adoptober (18481862)
Adoptober (18481862)

“We know that the animals coming into our care tend to reflect general dog ownership trends and there’s been a huge surge in recent years in people buying ‘designer dogs’ and crossbreeds such as cavachons, puggles and cockerpoos.

“As part of our rehoming drive this October - called Adoptober - we want to shine a light on all of the dogs in our care and encourage people to adopt a rescue dog instead of buying a puppy.

"All the animals in our care have a lot of love to give and we have a huge variety of dogs in our kennels of all ages, shapes, sizes and breeds, waiting for homes.”

The RSPCA rescues animals from the worst abuse and neglect and, by giving them a home, you are giving them a second chance at life.

Thankfully, not all the dogs rescued by the RSPCA need to be rehomed as some already have owners and can be returned.

Adoptober (18481867)
Adoptober (18481867)

Some pets go to vets or come into RSPCA hospitals for treatment, while they also work closely with other charities who sometimes assist with rehoming.

Adoptober is a rehoming drive to raise awareness of some of the animals in RSPCA care who so desperately need a forever home.

To offer an RSPCA rescue dog a new home please visit www.rspca.org.uk/findapet Dogs like Eric and Toby, Edna, Charlie, Luna and Tyson, and Thomas.

Adoptober (18481859)
Adoptober (18481859)

Name: Eric and Toby

Eric and Toby (18480549)
Eric and Toby (18480549)

Age: 4

Breed: Shih Tzu

Where: RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid and Lincoln branch

A bit about: These brothers are a delightful pair who came into the centre due to a change in circumstances. They may be small but they’re full of fun and love fuss and attention. They still need to master sitting on command but after that the rest will follow!

Ideal home: They have lived with children before but can be a bit nervous of men. They would prefer a home without a cat.

Why he’s special: These bonded brothers would love a home together.

More information: Check out Eric and Toby on findapet for more information.

Name: Edna

Edna (18480521)
Edna (18480521)

Age: 2

Breed: Staffie cross

Where: RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid and Lincoln branch

A bit about: She is a sweet soul who has a tough start in life. She likes nothing more than a fuss and she may be quiet but she is full of love.

Ideal home: Edna is not keen on other dogs so would need to be rehomed without other dogs or cats. She could live with secondary school aged children and could be left for short periods of time.

Why she’s special: Edna was heavily pregnant and living on the street when she was found. She was taken in to a vets where she almost immediately gave birth. She did an amazing job raising two puppies and they have gone on to their forever homes - now she is looking for hers.

More information: Check out Edna on findapet for more information.

Name: Charlie

Charlie (18480536)
Charlie (18480536)

Age: 1

Breed: German Shepherd crossbreed

Where: RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid and Lincoln branch

A bit about: Charlie was a bit nervous when she came into the branch and staff have taken time to earn her trust. She is an affectionate, gentle girl who just wants to be loved.

Ideal home: Charlie could live in a home with secondary school aged children. She may be able to live with another dog but not a cat.

Why she’s special: She is a shy girl but if you can earn her trust, she has lots of love to give.

More information: Check out Charlie on findapet for more information.

Name: Luna and Tyson

Luna and Tyson (18480541)
Luna and Tyson (18480541)

Age: 5 and 3

Breed: Husky

Where: RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid and Lincoln branch

A bit about: Luna and Tyson had a difficult start in life and have undergone a lot of rehabilitation but are now ready to find a new home. Tyson, the younger one, is very reliant on older Luna and they need to find a home together.

Ideal home: They need an experienced home with people who can dedicate time to them and would prefer an adult only home without any other pets apart from each other.

Why they’re special: This pair have only ever lived outdoors and so are looking forward to their first chance to live in a home.

More information: Check out Luna and Tyson on findapet for more information.

Name: Thomas

Thomas (18480545)
Thomas (18480545)

Age: 6

Breed: Rottweiler

Where: RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid and Lincoln branch

A bit about: Thomas is young at heart and will make someone a great companion. He is very playful and really enjoys playing fetch and will quite willingly give you the ball when playing.

Ideal home: He needs an experienced home preferably adult only and without other pets. His owner will need to help him continue his training.

Why he’s special: Thomas was in a poor state when he arrived and had lost most of the fur on his back. Thankfully, it has now grown back and he is looking very handsome!

More information: Check out Thomas on findapet for more information.

One of the benefits of adopting a dog from the RSPCA means they are already neutered and

vaccinated. You could also take advantage of four weeks’ free RSPCA Pet insurance. What’s

more, if you decide to take out a full RSPCA Pet insurance policy, once this has expired, you will

also be supporting other rescue pets as 15 per cent of the premium you pay goes towards helping

animals in need.

If you are not in a position to give a pet a home this October, you can still help thousands of animals by donating at www.rspca.org.uk/donateadoptober, sponsoring a dog kennel or cat pod for just £1.50 a week, or showing your support for rescue pets with an RSPCA T-shirt. Or if you want to support the work of your local RSPCA branch visit their website.

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