Roz to finish her life-saving role

Roz Smith
Roz Smith
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LONG-serving first responder Roz Smith has stepped down from her post after more than seven years of serving South Holland.

The Weston parish LIVES volunteer will now be taking care of her own health after having a full knee replacement.

Roz, of Broadgate, Weston Hills, said she joined the Weston group two weeks after her husband Christopher died.

She said: “I thought ‘would it have made a difference to my husband?’ In my mind I didn’t think it would have done, but I thought ‘would I make a difference?’

“From that tragic event I became a first responder in a rural area where, with the best will in the world, ambulance crews are stretched and can not be in two places at once.

“The idea is to be in the local area and we can be there before the ambulance.”

In the first six months of this year alone, Roz attended about 160 calls ranging from helping someone who had fallen over and banged their head to a baby having breathing difficulties.

The calls are mainly around Weston, Moulton, Cowbit and Moulton Chapel but will also cover Spalding and Holbeach when neccessary.

Roz (64) has previously had hip replacements but feels she can not give 100 per cent to the job after undergoing knee surgery.

“Although the surgery was successful, it’s difficult to kneel down,” Roz explained. “I would not be 100 per cent efficient and that would not be right nor fair.”

Roz looks back on her experiences fondly.

She said: “I’ve been walking down the street doing my shopping and someone has tapped me on the shoulder. They told me I didn’t know them but I went out to their mum a few weeks earlier and that she is now doing really well. “You really feel like you’ve done something.”

Roz has vowed to continue to help the LIVES charity in a fundraising capacity and is willing to meet potential new responders to hand out help and advice.

nFor more information about LIVES, call 01507 525999.