Road record puts county on danger list

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High accident numbers in Lincolnshire have put the county in the top ten most dangerous places in the country.

Figures released by the Department for Transport show there were 2,355 accidents in Lincolnshire in 2011, including 45 deaths, 366 serious and 1,944 slight injuries.

It puts the county in eighth place in a nationwide danger list – with an accident rate of 5.2 per 1,000 vehicles, compared to the national figure of 4.6.

Kent tops the list with 4,211 accidents.

John Siddle, of Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said he was aware the county had come out badly in the league table, but said the figures did not take into account the vast road network in Lincolnshire or the fact it does not have any motorways, which are the safest of roads statistically.

He said: “The figures also do not take into account the average speeds travelled, for instance. Most of the miles travelled in Lincolnshire are done at the national speed limit, where as in London or Manchester I would expect the average speed to be 30mph or less.

“We recognise there is much work to be done and significantly less cash about so it is more important than ever to prioritise road safety work where it is most needed.”