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Weston/Weston Hills Community Speed Watch team shown disrespect by driver

A driver has been reported to police after throwing a sign used by Community Speed Watch (CSW) volunteers into a ditch in Weston Hills.

The "absolutely disgusting" incident happened in Austendyke Road just before 7am on Friday, October 2, when a trained team of volunteers were preparing to carry out speed checks on traffic through the village.

It came just two weeks after the co-ordinator of Weston/Weston Hills CSW , parish council chairman Coun Chris Dicks, called for more help from police to enforce the 30mph and 40mph speed limits through the two villages.

Community Speed Watch volunteers next to the type of sign that was thrown into a ditch in Weston Hills.
Community Speed Watch volunteers next to the type of sign that was thrown into a ditch in Weston Hills.

Coun Dicks said: "We had an incident where a motorist decided to throw a sign used by one of our CSW teams into a nearby ditch.

"The 'CSW Activity' signs are mandatory for the patrols to be carried out so one of the volunteers had walked down to put the sign out close to where the team was operating its speed checks.

"But as the volunteer was walking back to his position, he became aware of a vehicle slowing down and the next thing he saw was the sign going up in the air and in the ditch.

"Then the driver got back in the vehicle and drove off towards Spalding.

"Fortunately, one of the volunteers managed to get the registration number of the vehicle, a description of the person and passed them on to the police.

"But it needs to be highlighted and we'd like an update on what's going to happen."

Coun Anthony Casson, a South Holland District Council member for Weston Hills, said: "It's absolutely disgusting that CSW teams are out there trying to make it safer to be on the roads, but all they get is abuse and fingers waved at them.

"They do it voluntarily and if people get caught for speeding, they've got to suffer the consequences."

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: "The sign was retrieved and replaced and the matter will be dealt with by an advisory letter."

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