ROAD: Questions must be answered about this

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£9.8 million and still climbing – that’s the cost so far of the A1073 -A16 Spalding to Eye road.

A road which was never built for purpose. A dual carriageway was always required. Money should not come into play when safety is the main aim. The new road is no more safer than the old one. Plus it now requires potholes repairing.

The ever-growing cost is criminal and someone should beheld accountable?

Local councillors? The Lincolnshire Highways Department? etc.

Now I understand they are looking at an upgrade of the road. Would you put this lot in charge?

Under priced, originally 
agricultural land, now four years later it could be development land! £4-plus million 
extra could be paid out, an utter farce. Who will pay for that? Us, Joe Public!

There should now be a full investigation carried out into this road and the people 
involved should be made to be held responsible.

John Hayes, our local MP, should be chairing the investigation into this farce, that is if he was not involved in the planning of this road from the beginning.

If so, it would then require a person not having any involvement with this comedy show.

Something must be done, Questions must be answered.

David Barfoot

Shepeau Stow