Road block reminds me of St Peter at the Pearly Gates - who gets through?

Rev John Bennett
Rev John Bennett
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THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: By Rev John Bennett

We live on Halmer Gate, where there has been resurfacing work for the last few weeks. There are signs that warn drivers the road is closed, but some people need to get through for access. So, one man has had the job of speaking to every driver that approaches the Road Closed sign.

Some cars are let through, other have to turn around and follow the diversion.

It reminded me, in a fanciful moment as I came back to the Parsonage, of St Peter at the Pearly Gates letting some people in and turning others away.

Conventional wisdom says that good people get into Heaven and bad people don’t. Even two thousand years ago, Jesus was challenging this way of looking at things. His message was about grace and forgiveness. He was much more at home with people who knew they were mixed up, than he was with people who pretended that they were all right.

When I see a car approach the Road Closed sign, I cannot tell whether it will be allowed through.

I am pretty sure, though, that the people who are let into Heaven will not only be those who think they deserve to be there.