Riverbank litter caught on camera as complaints grow

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THIS photograph shows the growing problem of litter being dumped along the banks of the River Welland in Spalding.

They were taken by keen cyclist Graham Petts who wrote to the Guardian this week in anger at the “deteriorating situation” he blamed on people who eat and drink along the riverbank

His concerns echo those of PDAA secretary Andy Jackson who claimed to have filled ten bin bags with empty beer cans, vodka bottles and other litter during the August bank holiday weekend.

Mr Petts (63) of West Elloe Avenue, Spalding, said: “As a regular user of the cycle path alongside the river between the twin bridges and Spalding town centre, I have become more and more aware of the deteriorating situation with regards to litter.

“The already appalling situation has been compounded over the last few days when part of the bank (was) mown WITHOUT carrying out a litter pick before the cutting commenced.

“The majority of litter appears to be generated by users of the benches and consists mainly of cans, bottles, takeaway wrappers and blue carrier bags.

“I fear that one of the solutions (would) be to remove the remainder of the benches, to the detriment of other less anti-social users.”