Rex decides to park up work after 60 years

Rex Burgess who is retiring on Friday after 17 years as a car park attendant
Rex Burgess who is retiring on Friday after 17 years as a car park attendant
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A way of life spanning more than 60 years is to end tomorrow for Spalding car park attendant and ex-plumber Rex Burgess (82).

The dad-of-two from Weston Hills will hand in his high-visibility jacket for the last time after 17 years of making sure that shoppers stick to the right time of stay at both Holland Market and Winfrey Avenue car parks.

At one time, Rex would have found himself looking after more than 600 cars at any one time before Sainsbury’s took over the former Safeway store in Holland Market in 2004.

Rex said: “I’ve never had a day on the dole in over 60 years but I just think it’s time to go.

“I’ve been working since I was 15, well over 40 years as a plumber and 17 years as a car park attendant, as well as two years’ national service.

“It was my children who had been pestering me to pack up work and so, last Monday, I thought ‘I’ve had enough’ and handed in my notice.”

Rex, who has “so many grandchildren, I can’t count them”, was married to wife Barbara for 40 years before her death in September 2014.

But the one-time dog show enthusiast and ballroom dancing specialist can still count on family and friends, one of whom “comes around every night for an hour”.

“I’ve loved every moment of being a car park attendant and meeting some nice people, as well as working for the best firm you could ever wish for.

“After I retired from plumbing, I got fed up with not doing anything and when this job came along, I took it.

“My job was to stop people parking over the time and when I first started, there were over 600 cars in the whole car park.”

After retiring tomorrow, Rex hopes to spend more time with his children and grandchildren, including a daughter who lives in Scotland.

Rex said: “You need patience to be a car park attendant and be polite to people.”