REVIEW: Tremendous experience for children in Spalding

The Kindur stage
The Kindur stage
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WOOLLY hearts were causing quite a stir at the South Holland Centre last week, when Kindur (The Adventurous Life of Icelandic Sheep) was performed by Crying Out Loud and TPO Company (Italy) as part of the Jump In 2012 East Midlands Children’s Theatre and Dance Festival.

On entering the theatre a woolly heart was attached to everyone - once seated we waited with anticipation for the hearts to glow.

Three dancers portrayed the movement of sheep through the dramatic and magical landscapes and myths of Iceland through interaction with digital imagery, the use of movement, music and light.

The excitement, when the hearts began to glow was huge and without uttering a word the three dancers portrayed their messages through arm movements and miming to the children to copy them, once on stage.

A big white screen at the back of the stage as well as a white mat on the stage floor showed images of countryside and the changing season through which the sheep were travelling.

Audience participation was taken to a whole new level when all hearts glowed as we were encouraged to wave our arms activating motion sensors creating patterns on the big screen. Again with sound activated sensors we were encouraged to ‘baa’ which created pulses of white on the screen on stage.

Virtual puddle splashing and walking on ice were a couple of the activities the children were invited to take part in once on stage and bumblebees buzzed around louder and more furiously the more the children moved around, when the children stopped the bees did too.

Kindur was a truly lovely experience for the children to watch and take an active part in.

This is the second performance the Jump In 2012 Festival has bought to the South Holland Centre, Spalding with Swamp Juice performed last month. Both have been a tremendous experience for children showing them the wide variety of arts that are available and providing inspiration and creativity for them to expand on.