REVIEW: Return to form but no change in direction

Holy Fire by Foals ANL-141203-094459001
Holy Fire by Foals ANL-141203-094459001
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CD: Foals – HOLY FIRE – 7/10

After their first promising album ‘Antidotes’ which burst with energy, Foals made a name for themselves in the indie/rock scene with dance punk beats and eccentric vocals which indicated a future full of potential.

Despite their second album ‘Total Life Forever’ being disappointing by lacking the youthful and upbeat energy, ‘Holy Fire’ attempts to bring back the vibrancy and intensity and regardless of their rise in popularity they have stuck to their unique sound.

Unfortunately, ‘Holy Fire’ doesn’t present itself as a bold change in direction. It may not be the return of their vibrant energy; however there are a handful of tracks that are quite simply great.

With ‘Holy Fire’ the band have struck a balance between their softer, more mature work as demonstrated in the track ‘Total Lives Forever’, and the visceral energy found in ‘Antidotes’.

In songs such as ‘My Number’, with the catchy group vocals and a danceable tune, it is easy to see why Foals are categorised as one of the greatest up-and-coming British indie/rock bands.

Alexia Hendrickson