REVIEW: Love wins night at Spalding premiere

Mob rule ' cast members Richard Barker and Steve O'Brien. SG260116-101TW
Mob rule ' cast members Richard Barker and Steve O'Brien. SG260116-101TW
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Forget the streets paved with empty beer cans, life in South Holland has just got worse – or so we are led to believe.

Dishonoured paints a picture of a mob-ruled district ridden with drugs, human trafficking, slavery and forced prostitution.

Steph Genovese plays John Venonesser – a former Secret Services agent, who was commended for his bravery but was dishonourably discharged from the service for disobeying a direct order from Downing Street that would have cost many lives.

Venonesser has become a recluse, living a life of fast food and trash TV. He has no family and no real friends, except Janine, a local working girl.

When he reads the headlines that she has been murdered he sets out to find the culprit and discovers Janine and several of her working friends have mistakenly become involved with the vicious mob. Battling with his poor fitness levels, he gradually takes out the mob – until an unexpected twist happens.

Anyone watching the film would probably think twice about having a diet of big breakfasts and pizza – as well as using public toilets.

The film is an 18 certificate and gory neck-cracking and eye-gouging scenes had members of the audience wincing in their seats but laughing and cheering at the same time – after all they and their families had never expected to see anything like it, especially on the big screen in Spalding.

However, there was a lot of love at the premier, not only the cast and crew’s achievement but for the whole district. As one member of the audience said: “I have to admit I hate living here. But seeing it on the big screen has changed my opinion.”

Auditions for Steph’s second film, a romantic comedy, will start in March – but he says Dishonoured 2 is 80 per cent written. Watch this space.