REVIEW: Comedy and card tricks

Comedy Club card trick
Comedy Club card trick
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South Holland Centre, Spalding

Friday, April 13, 2018

These Comedy Club nights are becoming 
essential nights out for many in South Holland – and I’m one of them.

Having been to three events now, I know the calibre of comedian is high and that laughs are guaranteed.

Friday night’s show was a sell-out with many large groups enjoying the night and the booze flowing too.

I was delighted to see the compere was Scott Bennett as he’d done the same job before in Spalding and he is excellent.

He knows how to stay within the thin line between joshing with an audience and offending them, even getting away with suggesting the age of many of the audience members meant the night may end as a seance!

The first act of the night was Steve N Allen, who entertained with tales of baldness and theories about sexual mathematics.

Next up was my favourite of the night, English Comedian of the Year 2016 Josh Pugh, who’s show was part comedy, part magic.

The highlight of Josh’s act saw the whole crowd taking part in a card trick where we had to rip our three cards in half, sit on one half, shuffle, throw away and re-shuffle the rest.

When we matched up our remaining half-card with the one we were sitting on, voila... it matched for everyone (see our cards, above). Brilliant.

He also had great fun with Sandra, a good sport from the crowd who he at one point levitated.

Before the final act, Tanyalee Davis, was Carrieanne The Redneck, all the way from the US of A. He short set was funny and her infectious laugh was too.

Her tales of “America’s bible belt country where it’s okay to sleep with your cousin but not if they are the same sex” were great too.

Standing three feet, six inches, Canadian Tanyalee is known as the ‘little lady with a lot of BIG laughs’ and she didn’t disappoint either.

Her act concentrates on her size and the various situations it gets her into. Funny, warm and downright filty, she had the crowd in stitches.

Jeremy Ransome