REVIEW: Cinderella is a truly ‘enchanting’ panto

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The South Holland Centre

Sunday, December 14

Panto season is upon us again, and it is a difficult task trying to decide which one to go and see.

If you’re still struggling, let me help you by telling you how wonderful Cinderella at Spalding’s South Holland Centre is.

Polka Dot Pantomimes have put on a spectacular show this year, featuring music from Disney’s Enchanted and this year’s super hit Frozen, plus music by Take That and even Happy by Pharrell Williams, which left children and adults of all ages singing in their seats – and even in the aisles.

Emma Wilson is a lovely, sweet Cinderella who breaks your heart when she reacts to being bullied by the horrible Ugly Sisters.

Luke Glover is a brilliant Buttons. He is as sweet as the ice cream on sale at the interval, and is as funny as the slapstick clown he should be.

Ever the professional, when a rogue butterfly began to flutter around the stage unexpectedly on Sunday, Luke made it funny – leaving the theatre full of laughter as the butterfly landed on his head while he attempted to declare his love for Cinderella.

Ugly Sisters Andy Brennan and Chris Carr really are the stars of the show. They are fabulously evil and witty... and stylish of course.

Picking on a male member of the audience, Michael from Wimbledon – who they adopted as their boyfriend for the duration of the show – was a highlight. The poor chap looked highly embarrassed but played along in good spirit to give us all a good chuckle.

I can honestly say that I haven’t laughed that much in a good while – and I’m sure a lot of the audience would agree with me on that.

I was also amazed by the spectacular surprises, such as the flying Pegasus who flies Cinderella to Prince Charming’s ball in her beautiful pink carriage.

The panto features not one, but two fairies – both of which were completely different but amazing.

A special mention must be given to the Polka Dot dance troupe who provided a visual treat for everyone with their moves, choreographed by Cameron Hall, which would surely gain them a ten from Len on Strictly Come Dancing.

This pantomime is a brilliant example of what pantomimes are all about. It’s suitable for all ages and leaves you feeling very warm and festive inside.

By Kat Wakefield – 9/10