Revamp to bring ‘gateway to Bourne’ back to full glory

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PONDS and fountains which form the gateway to Bourne are to receive a major overhaul.

The Elsea Park lagoons beside the A15 were were originally built 10 years ago to take the surface water running off the roads and roofs of the newly-built housing development, but over the years silt has drained into them and now needs to be removed.

It is feared that if the work is not carried out the ponds will begin to clog up and threaten the wildlife habitat and also reduce their ability to catch the drainage water.

The de-silting work will remove silt, pond weed and older rushes, as well as any rubbish that has accumulated.

To minimise the impact on wildlife, work will take place one pond at a time and as many fish as possible will be caught and stored in specialist tanks until the work is complete.

On completion, the ponds will look worse for wear, but efforts will begin to bear fruit in the spring and by summer the ponds will be back to their full glory.

Angela Bailey, local resident and chairman of the Elsea Park Community Trust, which will eventually take over maintenance of the ponds, said: “The ponds at the front of Elsea Park have become very important to the residents of the development and the wider public in Bourne.

“We are delighted Kier Homes has decided to carry out this vital work to ensure the ponds continue to do their job for many years to come and will look even better as the gateway to the town.”